The ICA is more that just an association, it is an ideal

Jacob Stitch Duran
Honorary President

Jacob Stitch Duran

The legend. An Icon in our Profession.
The most famous cutman in the world.
Because of his international fame he also took part in several Hollywood movies


Federico Catizone

Federico Catizone

Contact Co-founder of our association.
Surgical technologist, and specialist in haemostasis for cutmen.
Speaker in international meetings on adrenalin and hemostatic membranes The point of reference in Italy, due to his cutman training school.


Dmitry Luchnikov
Vice President

Dmitry Luchnikov

The official rappresentative of our association in Russia.
Among the most famous and active cutmen in important boxing events.
Supporter of the greatest fighters in the world.
Author of the very first regulation about the job of professional cutmen.


ICA Members

The ICA will work with you to make sure you are highly qualified and professional as you can be. Our goal is to give the fighter, One More Round !


The objective of our association is to unite all the cutman in the world,under one symbol and one logo.

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Our philosophy is to create a Cutman Association all over the world with the objective of safeguarding the health of the fighter using the best modern technquest of hemostasis, sterility and any new materials.

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ICA Regulation and Suggestions

  1. Terms of Regulations;
  2. Structure of the ICA (Association) and membership in the organization;
  3. Policy of Association (values, mission, targets of the organization, purpose);
  4. General part (recommendation of ICA);
  5. Cutman's work on prevention and restriction of development of injuries of face during the competitions;
  6. Hands (legs) Wrapping (Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing);


    All Members of the Association always need to use symbolics of the organization on the clothes or equipment in operating time if it doesn't contradict conditions of holding a tournament or work of team.

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