It was founded in 2012 to unite all Cutman in the world, all those who, thanks to professional, specific and recognized skills, have always shared the battles of the protagonists of combat sports.
Who does not remember the great All Silvani who opened the eye of Sylvester Stallone in the movie Rocky?
We are against “amateurs”
You can not play with the health of athletes and that's why in the last years a handful of visionaries decided to pursue the goal of making our category officially recognized. We immediately created our symbol, a logo to identify ourselves.
Afterwords, we created a Social Network page in order to quickly communicate among each other.
And then the official headquarters, the official website and the official uniforms came.
The first time we really met was on the occasion of the first World Handwraps Championship in Germany.
It was a sort of competition. However, it was in fact an excuse to meet us in real life and to compare our techniques.
A continuous growth.
Another important event was the one we organized in Greece.
The Second World Handwraps Championship..
An unprecedented media success.
Many cutmen in the world have applied to join the Association.
We have now members in almost every continent.
Even if not all cutmen of the world are part of our association, everyone knows our Association for sure.
We were the first to create a Cutman Association.
We are the only ones to have a logo.
Our philosophy was born to unite, under a symbol, all the colleagues.
We improved.
Now we want to run for leader in this sector, proposing our standards as the best and only ones to the largest boxing and combat sports organizations.
We have colleagues who are involved in the training of young cutmen, others who work in the best international circuits in the MMA, in boxing and in K1.
Our goal is always to unite and participate in the growth of our profession.
International Cutman Association, since 2012.
The first to be there.
Proud of our goals.